The Group was started with a small team in 2008 to the support majorly Hospitality industry to remove the issues like Shortage of qualified manpower, particularly at the managerial level, which poses a major obstacle to the overall development of the sector.

In 2010 We build a strong team to look forward to support the manpower shortage to the sectors like Hospitality, BPO’S, Telecom industries. The experienced team had a successful result of it because “serving client was our moto not business”.


We formed a new group “On Time Solutions”, in the year 2012 and added value to it as we started to serve IT software/Hardware, Manufacturing, UPVC and Logistics Industries.

In 2014 we emerged to Real Estate as we understood that these industries are at boom. We have been serving for top players in this industry.

And here we stand as one of the leading Solution providers by providing 100% satisfaction to our clients.